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  1. Stolen motor vehicle accessories made up 9 percent of all larceny-theft crimes in the United States during , according to the most recent statistics from the FBI. A skilled thief can strip a car of its major parts in 30 minutes, then turn around and sell the individual items for two to four times the vehicle’s value, according to the.
  2. If the bad guys are that far away, I can, and will, out run them. What I really wanted was a pistol caliber lever gun, ideally, which would work fine, pack 9 rounds (and I can build speed loaders), be reasonably quick to fire.
  3. Aug 05,  · The boy, who dreams of one day becoming a bus driver, apparently found the vehicle's keys in a car park before he stole it and took it for a joyride through the Bavarian city of .
  4. Pictured at left is American Airlines Flight banked completely sideways moments before it crashed in May of The DC aircraft was scheduled to make a nonstop flight from Chicago to Los Angeles that day, but upon takeoff, part of the port engine pylon fell away from the aircraft and a “white vapor” emanated from the area.
  5. Guy Steals ATM And Tries To Use Bus As A Get-Away Vehicle Featured 03/20/ in wtf Guy Steals ATM And Tries To Board City Bus As A Get Away Vehicle.
  6. Guy Steals Passenger Jet at Seattle Airport August 10, Off Grid Survival OFFGRID Survival News, Prepper News: Threat Reports and Preparedness News 3 A man, possibly an Alaska Airlines Employee, hijacked an airplane from SeaTac International Airport and took it on an unauthorized flight, where it was chased down by F fighter planes.
  7. The B is actually more efficient than this fatty. People call this a technological marvel, but part of technology is design and aesthetics, and the a fails in this regard. It's almost offensive how little attention seems to have been paid to aesthetics, even though the airlines may not care.
  8. Recently travelers on FlixBus in Grenoble, France found themselves in their comfortable seats, looking out the window and no doubt saying to themselves, “Damnit, that’s our luggage they’re stealing” as a group of thieves approached the slow moving bus, opened the (unlocked) bus luggage compartment and began pulling bags out. With bag in.

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